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Day 15 A Peek Inside My Sketchbook

I'm happy to say that I was able to paint this weekend!

I asked you guys on Instagram for suggestions on what to paint. The choices were a morel mushroom (which autocorrect changed to motel mushroom...), vegetables, and a couple of other things that I can't seem to remember... Morel, I mean motel mushroom won the poll and I didn't know whether you guys expected a mushroom hotel or... so I decided to work on both.

The way I create art is slow moving, paint dries faster than I can put it on the paper. I like being slow and steady though, it is calming for me to create this way. I put a lot of thought into what I do. Needless to say, these two paintings took me all weekend! Let me show you what happened.

This is the first little guy, Motel Mush, a little mouse waiting inside to check in its guests, waiting, and waiting... and waiting. Grass is my favorite thing to paint; there are so many layers and I can feel the featheryness of it. All you friends on Instagram said you'd like to see this one on a mug, so you can expect that sometime this week...

The is Manny the Morel mushroom - the keeper of the morel mushrooms to be exact. He is filled with adventures, as he punches the sky with that "onward!" essence. In the land of morel mushrooms, they keep ants and ladybugs as pets.

I hope to find some morels this year. It's been my dream to, yet I still haven't spotted one. I plan to go out every day if I can to see what I find!

Today we hiked an itty bitty part of the Ice Age trail and spotted a sea of horsetails about waist high. I was dumbstruck, I've never seen anything like this before!

Remember the other day when I said I ordered a foraging book? To my surprise, it arrived today, and I'm finding out all kinds of good stuff. It's incredible how many things are edible in the forest, I would say I notice at least 5 things that are edible every time I go out. Part of me just wants to pick everything, yet, I am not sure what to do with this wild food. It's all a learning process. There are a few plants I've been wanting to find, violets and cleavers, because I have some projects I want to make with them. A friend from Ireland runs a platform called Orchards Near Me - all about foraging. She put out an article about cleavers and how you can make infused water with them. Apparently cleavers are good for cleansing the liver, which I'm always interested in due to my adult acne. The liver is connected to the skin, so if you can cleanse your liver, or at least treat it nicely with herbal treats, then why not? And violets are the first spring flower I think of. I just love thinking about putting the flowers in my salads, and I'm excited to try out a violet syrup, or even a violet vinegar!

Tomorrow I'll be releasing the first video in my Antique Cook Book series on YouTube, where I convert old recipes from 1934 to vegan versions. I think I'll put out the biscuit video tomorrow; you're in for a treat!

I hope you have a restful evening, I'll talk to you tomorrow!

Much love


Day 15, 254 days to go

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