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Day 14 Gardens Galore

The weather was so incredibly nice today! The sun shone and was hot on my skin, it felt so soothing, calming. I spent the afternoon with my hands in the soil in the garden beds at the back of the yard. They haven’t been used in a few years, and quack grass took them over. If you don’t know what quack grass is, it’s every gardener’s worst nightmare. It is impossible to get rid of. You can pull the roots out, but they break apart and a new plant can start from the smallest little nib. Chemicals aren’t an option for me. You can put sheet mulch over quack grass and it usually doesn’t come through, but I want vegetables in a month or two, I don’t have time to wait for sheet mulch to work. So, I dug my hands deep underground and untangled the roots, carefully pulled them out. It took me a few hours to do one bed, and luckily I was able to plant it up with all kinds of early season vegetables. The soil was nice and black, and there were even a few native plants growing in there that I left, like red clover and plantain. The other bed is for another day...

I planted a ton of greens: spinach, Swiss chard, arugula, mixed salad greens, lettuce. Then in the center I made a makeshift trellis out of some sticks in the yard and planted peas underneath it, and filled it in with arugula. Broccoli and kale filled in the spaces between and I even planted marigolds along the edges. It may seem like a lot for a little 4x4 garden bed, but hey, I’m opportunistic here. The other bed will grow the root vegetables and maybe a few other things.

By the time I finished with the garden escapades, it was midday. The day went by so fast and I still wanted to paint! It always seems that the sunny days are full of energy and go by quick, while the cloudy days drag on, yet they feel so full of presence and quiet pleasures. I’m grateful Wisconsin is a mix of the both of these sorts of days. It makes it easy to flow with nature and to intuitively follow what feels right each day, it feels balanced here. While today I spent most of my time outside, I know there’ll be a rainy day this week to stay inside and wind down.

While painting today, ideas of New Earth swayed in my mind. It is apparent to me that we are all forced to slow down now because this will be the new norm. It is the norm now. It will be the new way of life, and it is the new way of life. I don’t feel at all threatened by the virus anymore, all of that fear has blown over. I will admit though it sucks not being able to hug people I’m not living with - and going to the store feels awkward still. What I’m talking about mostly is how people are living slower lives. I catch myself wondering if I’m doing enough each day and I remember, Earth wants us to slow down. Our souls want us to slow down. There’s no need to rush, we have all the time in the world if we are following our hearts everyday. I do my best with that. There is a poem I wrote for my book Morning Motivations, it’s about this topic here. I’ll write it below for you to read:

You’re Enough

Feeling that you’re enough Can sometimes be tough With the expectations set upon us

But let me tell you, a universal truth All of you is enough

You can sleep, dream, cook and read that’s enough to fill a day

Relaxing and caring for yourself Keeps stress at bay

The body you were given, could not be chosen And that’s totally okay

You are you, she is she, he is he, Nobody is the same

Celebrate your uniqueness and know That you’re the only one in the Universe

No one can be you that's your job to do

You are special, you have an important mission You were put here to do

Unfold your life, let go of strife And discover that authentic truth

I hope you find relaxation this week :)

Much love,


Day 14, 256 days to go

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