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Day 13 Reinventing Antique Recipes

What a great day to start the weekend. It was so nice today to just relax and be off my computer.

I started looking through my antique cookbook awhile back and thought, why not convert these recipes to vegan recipes?

There's this aesthetic that goes around social media called Cottagecore. The best way I can describe it is in single phrases.

Cottages. Gardens. Flowers. Wildflowers/prairies. Comfort food. Strawberries and cream. Vintage cookery. Gingham dresses. Dainty flowers. Simple living. Simple pleasures. Tiny natural things. Mushrooms. Fairies. Enchanted forests. Fruit. Orchards.

If you're familiar with that movie called Kiki's Delivery Service, that aesthetic.

This cook book is very much cottagecore. It was written in 1934 for new housewives and is filled with so many recipes. When I think of cottage core food, I think of food that my grandma would have made, or her mom would have made before food was processed and fast. The food took time, was SO scrumptious, and was made with hands with love. No pre-made packages, no processed food, just raw ingredients and time and love. Even though some of the recipes are a bit complicated, to me this was simple living, where you'd spend half the day preparing food because it was fulfilling. I found so many recipes I want to try... especially the ones with fruits and things you can forage for!

I'm making a new YouTube series about this book and converting recipes. I plan on releasing the first two this week! I filmed two of the videos today - baking powder biscuits and a cottage soup. The reason I am converting to vegan is because I haven't seen anyone else doing it, and I'd love to enjoy these antique recipes but I can't have dairy. Plus I think it would be super cool to recreate these recipes from almost 100 years ago and share them with people! I spent most of my day in the kitchen filming and cooking. I've never made biscuits before, and damn were they good! They tasted a bit like saltines, but that didn't matter because they were dipped in soup anyways.

The first video will be up on Tuesday, I can't wait to share it with you!

The other parts of the day were spent with Leigh and sorting through family photos.

We went to her storage unit to rummage around to see what we could use for our new house and ended up bringing a bunch of boxes home. (We definitely found a bunch of vintage cooking stuff, like orange pyrex baking dishes from the 80's and some eclectic glass relish dishes to join the party. Anyone want to send me an antique tea set???) Austin found all of his memories from his youth and brought them back home, and Leigh found boxes of pictures to sort through.

Going through photos made me realize what is actually important in life. Leigh shared her stories with me and her feelings, something we've never done together in the 6 years I've been with Austin. I felt a new part of my heart open up after being closed from being hurt in the past. Seeing the pinewood derby cars, the pictures, Austin's little projects from school made me realize that maybe the "something more" isn't traveling and living in exquisite places, or even having a super successful or purposeful life. (Though you can totally have all of those things in life!) I always shut down the desire to have a family, mostly because I'm not ready for that yet, and I still have some things I want to do before that happens, but after today I know that I want this someday for myself. If I were to plan it, I'd say in my 30's! I can imagine a fun and full life for all of us, me, Austin, his family, my family - somewhere down the line. Thinking about it makes my heart feel fulfilled.

I love you guys, thank you for being here! I will talk to you tomorrow, rest well :)

Much love,


Day 13, 257 days to go

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