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Day 11 Over the River and Through the Woods

Over the river and through the woods to... the frisbee golf course we go! The highlight of my day was definitely the two hours of frisbee golf we played this afternoon. After editing a new video for YouTube, we got in the car for the first time in a week and ventured off a few miles to the West Bend Riverside Park.

(Catch my new YouTube video below!)

It was a bit windy today, yet still sunny enough to bring a touch of warmth into my heart. We went for all 18 baskets, running around the fields of green grass among the brown and burgundy marsh and stands of oak forest. Austin would tee off, take the long shot and get it close to the basket and I would finish it off, missing a few times before actually getting it in. Along the forest floor peeped through the first green plants, some of them I didn't recognize, but tried my best to guess what they were.

"Why don't you just get yourself a foraging book already instead of trying to guess all the time?" questioned Austin, knowing he was right.

"Ugh, you're right. I'll just have to look for one. I don't know of any foragers in Wisconsin." (I found a book later on, had to get it to help out with my confusion of sooooo many little green plants littering the forest floor).

After our round of golf, we walked the riverside path and came across a concrete sculpture in the middle of the dried up prairie. It reminded me of the structures in the Amazon show called "Stories of the Loop." I got an interesting supernatural feeling just looking at it straight on, like it had a consciousness of its own, just existing there and observing the people observing it. The side of it had a '93 carved into it, implying it was almost thirty years old! How many people has this structure seen? It was a peculiar shape, indeed, looking like a T at one perspective, and an I at another. The pattern on the surface was textured, geometric almost, flat surfaces meeting up with others.

The rest of the afternoon I worked out some issues with my t-shirts on my store. Due to Covid, all of my organic t-shirts have been discontinued, so I had to find a new printing provider to print the shirts. I don't have organic options right now, rather sustainably made shirts made with biodegradable inks. The bonus of this new provider is the wide array of colors, and the prices of my shirts went down $8! If you're interested, I have only one so far, but you can find it here:

We made pierogis again tonight, this time with purple potatoes so the insides were a pastel lilac color. Of course, they were scrumptious. But it didn't stop there. Leigh opened up a bottle of cherry wine and Austin made some brownies and we gorged on goodies all night. The four of us played Yahtzee before I sat down to write this post, one of Austin's brother's favorite game. Connor has cerebral palsy; he can't talk or do much for himself and is wheelchair bound. Despite his condition he lives a good life, getting to watch Spongebob all the time and playing board games with all of us.

I'm tired tonight! I'll be back tomorrow, maybe I'll get the chance to write sooner so I'm not so dang tired!

Much love,


Day 11, 258 days to go

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