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Crystal Caves & Entrances to Inner Earth

It seems the further I get into exploring, the more questions I end up having, yet as this mystery unfolds so does a possibility for the future.

The last time I wrote about the mounds was a few months ago. We were on the search of an alleged carving in a rock at one of the mounds groups we visit often and turned up failing at finding it. I saw it on another blog, how the owner of the land showed the researcher the symbol and I was sure as hell going to find it too. Austin and I walked up and down the hillside in the overgrown spring forest to find nothing of the sort. For anyone wondering, it was a Night's Templar symbol, something that surely couldn't happen in the middle of Wisconsin during a time period where Europeans couldn't sail across the sea... or so it is told to us anyway. After that trip, the earth mysteries explorations stopped for awhile as my discouraged heart couldn't take anymore disappointments. LOL.

Lately, Inner Earth & Agartha have been coming to me during meditations & inner explorations. I've heard so many times, "The extraterrestrials are right under our noses," and perhaps they are. Literally. One of my "things" is astral traveling, in an exploratory way, sorta like how people go on road trips to faraway lands to see & experience new and different landscapes/cultures. I like to do this on the astral plane and find myself visiting places I've never heard of before. Recently, I astral traveled to Inner Earth as my Lyran self and met up with my dolphin friend who I mentioned in a different post/video. They showed me through a series of underground/water tunnels out of Inner Earth and into the Atlantic Ocean, where we met for the first time in a different astral travel excursion. I was surprised, yet not, as I saw how hard it was to find such entrances to Inner Earth. Seeing it astrally led me to want to explore it physically.

So Austin and I started exploring caves in our area. I'm actually baffled by how many large cave systems there are in America, yet I know there's even more in other countries too! Last weekend, we went east towards our favorite mound groups and not even five miles away is Wisconsin's largest white onyx cave. I found this peculiar because exactly one year ago I astral traveled to a land where nothing existed on the surface, but the people there lived in caves while their most precious resource was onyx. What are the odds of that? Nearby this cave is another cave whose entrance is sealed off, where many giant skeletons and ginormous relics lay undisturbed for years & years. It seems sad, but I feel like they got trapped in the cave during the last cataclysm. The onyx cave was as raw as it gets, no built in lights, compacted dirt floors, and stairs when necessary. The tour ended at a brick wall with more cave behind it, but alas, we didn't go through the door to the other side. Our guide said they have bats inside that need conservation so people can't go inside.

On Saturday the 24th, we decided to take a longer road trip out to Minnesota (just an hour and a half away) to the most magnificent cave I've ever been to. We arrived at the beautiful yet humbling visitor's center in the middle of nowhere Minnesota, farm fields for days around us, and not a single city in site. It felt like a little oasis for Midwestern fun. We walked inside and checked in, waited on the bench while looking down the many flights of stairs ahead of us. We heard there were 275 stairs going down, meaning the cave system was around 200 feet underground. Austin and I peeped at the case under the cave map with all the types of fossils found inside the cave system, all embedded in limestone and being millions of years old. The sacred geometry of these fossils was astounding, one looked like a wormhole while the other was a fibonacci spiral. Later, we'd get to see giant algae fossils literally crawling between the layers of hard sediment.

Going up & down the flights of stairs was no big deal for us as the flights of stairs were separated by the different features in the cave. Underground, it felt like we were blazing through Antelope Canyon in Arizona, the cave walls narrow but wavy, completely carved out by water. We got to walk a half mile into the cave system, and on the way we saw glowing stalactites and stalagmites that looked like translucent petrified bacon, empty whirlpool systems, and crevices that looked like birthing holes. Everything about this cave seemed sacred and like it was leading somewhere, especially at the end where we could clearly see the dripping cave continuing on into the darkness.

The first thing we got to see was the wishing well whirlpool and the 60 ft waterfall that fell beneath the walking platform. The water was crystal clear, cleansed by Gaia herself, and reminded me of healing waters complete with minerals and everything. I was able to get into "photographer mode" to take pictures in manual mode to capture the scene as best I could in long-exposure. As we continued on in the cave we visited the many "rooms" with their purposes. Apparently you can get married in the "chapel" part - there's seats & a podium permanently down there!

I kept on thinking, "I must have come here for some sort of activation," and as I did, mineral water from the stalactites dripped down onto my third eye, aka the middle of my forehead.

On our way through the narrow cavern, we got to see the many fossils in the walls, as well as an important note about phosphorus. Our guide blazed his flashlight at the oozing stalactites slowly merging with the ground and then quickly removed it, showing an interesting science fact that phosphorus holds light. It will literally glow after light hits it. From the angle I was standing at, when he shone his light to the formations, it looked as bright green as moldavite, making me wonder what the 5D races that live in Earth do for light. I know from research that a lot of the inner cities have suns that are lit from within, making me wonder if perhaps the suns are crystals with phosphorus in them.

At the end of the cave, the water & dripping activity increased and our guide mentioned that the rest of the cave is "actively forming" as the calcite mineral deposits in the water slowly build up on the points of the "bacon." I was especially getting dripped on here, and perhaps on purpose, as mineral water is healing for our bodies and I knew the water contained consciousness that perhaps could inform me of what was beyond the ending we were at. I gazed into it, seeing a path of river pebbles leading the way into the darkness of an opening at least 50 feet in height, narrow and curvy like the rest of the cave. Later, I would astral travel through and see what's inside.

On the way back, our guide requested someone to lead the way as he followed us from behind, ensuring none of us got lost down here. Austin volunteered, so I went ahead of him and felt the vibes away from the group. The whole walk back felt magical and empowering, like I was walking to a lost land, the cave walls emanating some sort of ancient energy to me. My body took me through like it knew the way, even in spots of darkness, while my cells recharged & filled up with invisible light. The cave was 48℉, normally a frigid temperature for me and my tiny body, but here I felt warm and filled with light. I'd find out later why this cave seemed so significant to me.

After the tour we played a round of mini-golf, scoring 2's on every hole for me and 3's for Austin, surely a sign of synchronicity seeing our score card laid out in 2222's and 3333's. :D In the gift shop, you know I looked around at the hundreds of crystal & mineral specimens they had for sale. I remembered as a kid visiting places like this and seeing the crystals and wishing so badly that I could have some. Perhaps I was in tune with crystal healing before I even knew what it was, for now I visit crystal shops like this and see so many potentials for new crystal friends! We left the shop with a dragon stone egg/serpentine and a Moroccan crystal cluster that reminded me of Morganite, though the geologists at the counter said it could be oregonite or quartz. Later I found out both these crystals are great for joint healing (go figure, I was having troubles with my hands) and astral travel.

When I got home, I sat down on the couch with my new crystals and astral traveled through the rest of the cave system. The cave is indeed active, more water dripping the further you go on. It probably isn't the safest to physically travel anymore through the cave, but astrally I eventually came to a glowing healing pool of aquamarine water that was in the center of the path. I went into it and swam before moving on, perhaps it is a cleansing pool for anyone wishing to see further. Eventually I came to an insect being that looked like a wasp in a cloak who was the gatekeeper to the next part of the cave. They let me through to look out a "window" in the cavern wall to see a vast landscape filled with forest, with a reddish building/castle in the center with another reddish/orange "sun" above it. The gatekeeper told me that there is a city underground where a more reptile group of people lives, docile and benevolent like the Triceratops. Think of cow energy. This is what I was shown, though I didn't get to see the people. I didn't want to go any further on this trip, but perhaps I will continue to "look into it" later. :)

Today I played with my pendulum a bit and asked some questions. Sure, I can't get concrete facts this way but it is still fun to ask questions to see what comes through intuitively. Anyone resonating with Lyran energy may know that the planets in Lyra are no more and people were displaced, having to find new homes. I asked my pendulum if the people in this city were from Lyra and I got a "yes." Then, I created a meter for the pendulum to show how long they've been there, forward being 10,000 years, right >10,000 years, and left <10,000 years. The pendulum moved to the right indicating that these people have been here for a longgggg time, and there could even be a correlation between them and the lizard mounds all over Wisconsin, which is strange because lizards aren't too common here, there being only four species according to the DNR. It seems most of these lizard species are in the western part of the state. And, would you know it, one species called the Six-lined Racerunner is common in my area. Hmmm....

I'll leave the pondering up to you from here, perhaps I'll have another post soon about more Earth Explorations. Below is my gallery of photos from the cave we visited. Enjoy, and let your mind wander into other worlds :) Let me know if you see anything unusual in any of these pictures - I'm always curious to see if any "lens flares" aren't flares after all.

Much love to you, and may you be inspired to visit your local caves!

Ashley Lynn

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