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Collecting Nettles, Cosmic thoughts, & Soup

sparky & the basket full of nettles

It dawned upon me that the pink stalk centers of cut nettles meant something. I mean, why was it that they resembled the ruby zoisite stone? Colors so similar - texture, eh not so much - but that cosmic feeling just came over me again. I thought this was over, I thought I was moving on from this... Alas, spirit always brings us surprises when we least expect them. And, it seems cosmic downloads & information are spoon fed to us, as Dolores Cannon says.

Now that spring is in full swing here, so are the foragables in the forest. My soul finally feels at ease and able to move on now that the canopy above me is filled in with stained glass greens. Elms, hickories, linden, walnut, birch and oak all tower over me and ease my energy with their windy wisp movements. I injured my knee one week ago running down a rocky trail and have been limited to outdoor activities. It was painful to watch the forest come alive from the deck rather than to be on the inching-skywards floor watching with my eyes up close. Thankfully a week later I'm finally able to tip toe my way around the yard, as long as I tread languidly, and for my benefit, barefoot.

The orioles have made home in our forest, often visiting on the deck to share with me that it is a time for great joy and spirituality. Their tune whistles over to me from the fading apple tree, full of puffy plumes and the mind of a hive. Oddly enough, the smallest bird of the forest is the loudest, the Phoebe singing great tales of reverie. Birds have always been my greatest friends and teachers, their symbolisms resonate with me so. Eventually I stretched on all my toes inside and reached for the wicker basket I keep in our back hallway, filled it with cloth napkins, twine, gloves, and clippers to collect some wild herbs.

Nettles have been a great help to me. They are definitely tasty, even if I just mix them in with my teas or food, and apparently they have many nutritional benefits. What they help me with though, are my allergies. I used to have such bad allergies, sneezing and wheezing uncontrollably, and nettles were the only thing that relieved me. They definitely ground me, as I've heard one cause of allergies could be difficulty for the soul to adjust to the physical. They balance me out, help me feel safe here, and nourish me. Folklore even reveals that nettles are symbolic of being a mother plant, nurturing the soil back to health and being protective of herself with her stingers and all. It was nettles for the purpose of my journey today.

My feet tread lightly down the rooted and steep path to the river where I had a nettle patch to visit. Bluebells and columbines were just opening up their blooms and the geraniums started showing their leaves. Across the dandelion covered lawn my toes roamed until I arrived at the patch by the edge of a box-elder strand. I spotted some garlic mustard and cut a few stalks for soup later. A turn of my head revealed a strand of cleavers, reminding me of some medicine I wanted to make with them. Apparently, you can make a green juice with cleavers, mix it with an equal amount of vodka, and use it as a tincture. It is called a succus, or a preserved juice. I found some info on Herbal Academy if anyone wants to read about it. Cleavers are a great help to move the lymphatic system better, which has been an issue for me, my ears feeling clogged often amongst other things.

The basket already full, I moved on to the nettles. Thankfully there were several patches next the edge of the forest, a path nicely laid out for me in last year's matted down grasses. I've never harvested my own nettles before, I didn't need to because it was easy to go to the store to get them in capsule or dried form. This year I wanted to take advantage of the seasons and get my own. I was surprised then when I took the first cut and looked at the square stem, the centers definitely looking fibrous but also magenta. It struck the peculiar feelings within me that I would get when intentionally exploring for the purpose of finding out more about the cosmos and star beings.

Over the years, I've played around with meditating and finding out more about my past lives. I find it interesting, and what is revealed is often relevant to what my life is here and my natural passions. I've had memories as humans here on Earth, as well as lives on other planets. Combined with research, these seemingly random details will latch together like a puzzle. Perhaps it's part of the "mysteries" that aren't so much so anymore. Many times I've come across this theory of Earth being a DNA database for the universe, and that the plants and animals that are here came from other places off planet. Just like people here create gardens and forests, perhaps star beings made this planet like a big garden and care for it with tender loving hearts. There's a part of me that feels like I was a part of this germination and seeding process, watching Earth grow and transform over thousands of years. And sometimes this feeling is really strong, especially when I'm out in nature or find something peculiar. Maybe it's because peculiarity is familiarity in some way.

ruby in zoisite gemstone

As I picked my four bunches of nettles, I felt that familiarity in peculiarity. Last year, I was on mission(?) traveling to the effigy mounds for fun, but also to see if more information or memories would come to me from my spirit. I associated one of my lifetimes in what I think is Lyra with the ruby zoisite stone because the people I saw there in meditation had the appearance of green speckled skin with magenta or red details, like hair. The stone to me even looks like an amphibian, which those people in my visions were. Since making that connection, I began working with the stone, whose energies are able to create heart & mind coherence, while also able to ground a person and transmute negativity effectively. At one site in particular, I opened up the box at the trailhead that people left offerings in and saw a ruby zoisite pendulum with an owl charm on it. It was such a spot-on synchronicity that confirmed what I was searching out - that the effigy mounds were somehow connected to star people. I'm still doing research about this, though hopefully some day I will be able to find some proof, some story from history that can confirm this in a "logical" way, or that confirms just my personal experiences.

do you see the magenta centers?

Placing the bundles with magenta stem centers in the basket, I contemplated all of these things. So, if star people brought plants here, and if this stone/color combination is connected to star people in some way, could nettles have been brought here? Nettles are indeed an ancient plant, being used for thousands of years. So, why couldn't this be true? We really don't know how long any of these plants we're surrounded by have been here besides for folklore, history, & fossil records, so why not? This is something I often ponder as I greet all the plants of the year, and am familiar with their cycles.

Once inside, I hung three bundles of nettles on one of my homemade driftwood drying racks and got to making soup and cleaver juice. The juice was easy to make, though like the post linked above says, it's necessary to cut the cleavers before blending. I made the mistake of just shoving them all in and having to untangle the strands a bunch of times. I'm excited to see how this works, and if it helps at all. I didn't mind trying the cleaver cold infusion, though I find it much easier to take a tincture three times a day.

My nettle soup was totally ad-lib, I didn't find a recipe online satisfactory to my vision. In the oven I roasted one chicken breast and blanched my nettles. It's important to do this so they don't sting you, though you could always pick the leaves from the stalks with gloves on, chop them, and then throw them in at the end. Here's what I put in my soup, it turned out pretty tasty! It is pretty easy, just sauté the veggies, add in the stock and remaining ingredients, and toss the nettles in at the end.

Chicken & Nettle Soup

  • 1 chicken breast or equivalent chicken meat (roast it or cook it beforehand)

  • 1/2 onion

  • 2 cloves garlic