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Blackberries & The First Eggs

Upon my arrival home from my day tending the tomato farm, I noticed little black gems hanging on the side of my driveway, which could only mean one thing.

Simultaneously the chickens shout from afar, off in their coop that they’re ready to come out to forage the yard for food.

I can’t help but smile and swoon them. They are indeed so cute, and I haven’t loved little animals like them… ever! Of course Sparky is the exception. Chickens are different somehow, they seem more simplistic or maybe even less interested in people. They do respond to me and will let me pet them too. I’ve never had chickens before, so all this is new and dear to my heart! It brings me such joy to caress their feathers and to tell them they’re beautiful, to thank them for their eggs and their company here.

They just started laying eggs a few days ago after raising them for four months. It felt like a year honestly, having to wait a season and a half for them to give us that gift. Now I feel like we have way too many and not enough ideas to make food with them!

Early August is lush with prairie flowers and berries. Soon the nuts will ripen too and I will be on the lookout for some wild hazelnuts. Our yard is filled with walnuts and butternuts, so perhaps I’ll give them a try this year too. This morning I enjoyed frolicking to the driveway to pick my daily half pint of blackberries from the volunteers that greet us everyday. Just a few weeks ago we were eating the black caps, and now the blackberries are ripe. We’re lucky to have such big and juicy berries and I’m quick enough to get the good ones before the animals do. I find such pleasure in foraging for these little things during the summer. Although there’s not enough right now to make a pie or anything, there’s enough to enjoy them daily for breakfast for a week or so.

Last night, Austin called me out on the deck to see something. I was truly surprised because he never goes outside at night for observation purposes! He squared my shoulders towards the back woods, and I thought for sure he was going to show me a UFO or a star being, anticipating a meeting always; however he told me to look out and to look closer at the giant orb spider spinning her web in front of the porch light. It hit me that perhaps the star beings we’re looking for, hoping to meet are actually some of the animals right in front of us, like her! We stare agape, mesmerized by her handiwork moving counterclockwise in a spiral fashion. I was amazed by her intelligence of knowing how to spin a web like that, using all eight of her legs to weave the strand of gossamer from her abdomen into the frame of the web. Then it appeared that she was spinning a dimension for herself and her own paradigm, creating what she needed to sustain her life here. The consciousness in her dimension was definitely different than ours, yet I knew she was aware of us watching her and continued on with her show.

Suddenly, a moth got snatched somewhere in the web. No kidding, she did a dance, like a tribal victory dance on her web and shook the whole thing vibrationally. We laughed when she went into “Saran wrap mode” and was literally spinning this moth freakishly fast, rolling it up in a sheet of Saran Wrap gossamer. We were both star struck. And would you believe we watched for about 45 minutes without moving? Just the two of us arms wrapped around the other making commentary about this amazing creature.

I just finished reading the book Anastasia by Vladimir Megré. It is book one of the Ringing Cedar series. The story goes, this entrepreneur man finds himself talking to people who live “wild” in the Siberian Forest begging him to cut down an old cedar tree because it absorbed all the cosmic & celestial energy it could and would die if people didn’t use it. The tree was begging to be cut down. The cedar trees and pine nuts there apparently have healing properties, and these two wild men showed the entrepreneur this. Eventually, the entrepreneur who is the author finds a woman deep in the forest who has beautiful insights for humanity about how we can live more peacefully and joyfully with ourselves and our abundant planet.

At first, I didn’t know if this could be true, perhaps because the author appeared to be so arrogant and, I’m gonna say it, stupid! I’m reluctant to trust business people as he described himself to be, and was wondering about his motives. The message of the story though, was uplifting and inspiring to all people wanting to live more harmoniously with Earth - so, perhaps he could be trusted? Anyway, I resonated deeply with the woman, Anastasia, because I saw many aspects in myself that we shared. She has a natural ability to connect with nature, her intuition, and can easily talk to other beings around her, plants, animals, and cosmic energies.

Nature, our planet, loves us unconditionally so that She provides everything we need, naturally, at the perfect timing. If you are able to identify the plants growing near you in your vicinity, you may realize that they are just the plants you need to nourish and heal your body. I love sharing that plants are intelligent creatures too, they have a consciousness, and they can interact with ours. They can read us and tell us what we need, and can even grow a certain way absorbing the certain nutrients we need to nourish our bodies individually. Plants can read our DNA when we walk by and our cells fall to the ground and get absorbed by their roots, they can spiritually and “telepathically” connect with us too using the mind and universal life force energy, aka consciousness. Spending time with the plants we ingest creates a relationship with them on so many levels, just like other humans. It is beautiful, really.

Reading this book reminded me of this. Of the importance of connecting with nature and our inner selves. We have all we ever need inside of us, our hearts hold all the answers. Being in nature, naturally green and the color of heart chakra energy, amplifies this connection. It wasn’t until my body asked me to slow down and relax, not only by a migraine one day, but by getting hives all over me too. After that I decided to stop. I had to just stop.

I feel like most humans do this, they either get excited and work too much, or are in survival mode and work too much! I get so passionate about life and projects and pursuing my dreams that sometimes I forget about this part, the rest. Resting is allowing is manifesting. Resting is allowing room for the beautiful things to flow in. My body decided to break out in hives so I’d chill out and relax! My life has been go, go, go for awhile, even on vacation! In all the motion I forgot about the calm, the quiet, the Divine Feminine and the way She allows things to work out. Always.

So, I am here today in a plain, whimsical blue dress resting myself and allowing my body to heal. Reconnecting with my spirit, and allowing more of myself to anchor into my being. Perhaps I’ll be expanding and doing new things soon, and this rest will be just what I need to recharge me up for that next stage of life.

I hope all of you are having a beautiful day, and I’m sending sunlight to you to awaken your soul.