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Angsty About UFOs

Here I am again, talking about extraterrestrials… but seriously guys, this angst I feel is real.

I’ve talked about ETs on my blog before, many times. I have so many stories about things that have happened in “dream time” that were so real to me, that there’s no way they didn’t happen. I recently watched an interview on Gaia of Grant Cameron, a man who researches the connection between famous musicians and ET encounters. Listening to him tell the stories of well know artists like John Lennon and Led Zeppelin and their ET encounters confirmed what I’ve experienced in my life. He basically said that these artists would have experiences in their dreams, a lot of them were channeled songs to help raise the consciousness of humanity. Some songs he shared that were channeled or downloaded in this way were Yesterday, Let It Be, and many others. Like, what?!?

I experience this all the time, though I don’t share it much publicly. It was like the biggest confirmation that what I’ve been experiencing in my dreams is actually valid, that interacting with ETs in dreams is as real as seeing them straight in front of you. I’ve always shrugged off my experiences because I’ve been waiting for the one time where I’d see a UFO or catch a glimpse of someone in the woods, and I’ll always want to have those experiences - but what’s been coming to me is valid and enough for right now.

Sometimes, right before I drift off into sleep, I’ll hear music in my mind. Something is being channeled to me, and when this happens I’ll write it down in my dream journal. I’ve written songs and shared them a few times… one of them called Sunrise which you can find on my YouTube channel Most of the time, the message of the song is uplifting, meant to connect with people’s hearts and to bust their fears. Other times, I’ll hear symphonies almost, music that is challenging for me to create in this reality. A lot of this music doesn’t end up in our reality to share because I don’t yet have the skills to create it, or I’ll feel inadequate for creating music that is so far off from the norm. I mean, music nowadays is so centered around a.) breakups b.) love and obsession over a person c.) partying and drugs and d.) depression/sadness. There are some artists that I love listening to that have uplifting music, though the lyrics?!? Or, the music is so moving and calming and the lyrics just ruin it for me. I believe that what we listen to, and the words people sing greatly affect us emotionally and spiritually. It is hard for me to listen to music that is brilliant musically with lyrics that suck balls and make me feel like shit. I’m sorry. (End rant.)

My experiences with ETs and my ethereal friends has been kind of silent as of late. I miss all the contact I’d get whilst living in close quarters of nature. I miss those meditations where I’d drift off into sleep and then realize I was looking out the bottom of a craft. It is so mysterious and intriguing to me, I crave those answers. I wake up and forget what I dreamt about, though it feels like I was on a special sort of mission, or that I was interacting with other beings. I don’t have all the answers as to what I do in my sleep, but I can come to my own conclusions. As for now, I feel blessed to have anything coming my way, and I live in a hotspot for this stuff - something is bound to happen soon.

Thank you for reading, as always. I love that you’re here and opening up your mind to the possibilities in our reality!



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