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An Urgent Message

Hello, dear friend

a message to you, I send

an invitation, perhaps

an open chance

Forces upon us

are creating confusion

A message I must

relay to you in trust

False light is littered

all over the ithers

eating precious souls

greedy, for gold

protect your-self

you are full of wealth

go within for wisdom

read books with the seasons

these people online

who claim to guide

are not of the light

are they "real" in your sight?

sources of media

mainstream, or social

are the culprits of mania.

in the physical? a "no show"

a frequency band is set out around us

to keep us from our higher selves

a barrier we cannot see

a barrier that cannot be felt

we can exist beyond the barrier

with our inner awareness

if we, ourselves, can sense

what life's really about - forget the rest

the barrier can also be turned off

all it takes is the frequency being unplugged

turn off your wifi, cell signal when not in use

and see how you feel, in time, no excuse!

my invitation to you

turn the screens off, go green

meet with your families

use your eyes to see

don't "follow" anyone

follow your heart

influencers of social media

are paid off from the start

the elders in your community

understand true unity

authentic identities

can't be bought by companies

bind with ones your love

embrace them with a hug

seek long term satisfaction

friends, lovers, to share passion

conscious uncoupling?

what happened to loyalty?



feeling divinity?

Surely, it takes time

you can't rush the divine.

commitment, companionship

are human requirements

part of our design

Clear your mind

of the chaos online

nature's fully open

a classroom, to soak in

all the wisdom you need

is within you, my dear

ask your questions in silence

answers come in clear

until the ether becomes clear

from deception and fear

keep off it, be open

to the real world, it's clear

these words I rhyme you

come from my heart

I've been clean for awhile

from intoxicating "art"

my wish for you

is to be sovereign and true

it can be hard to do

being polluted by fear-glue

going green, it seems

is living with minimal screens

experience your senses

hug trees, jump fences

i can not save you, friend

you must wake up!

this message i send

to prevent humanity's end.

Hi friends. Is it possible to awaken from an "awakening?" Part of me feels responsible for the things going on that I was participating in, but that part of me was also innocent in the "following" game, empathetic and open to this new age information and new ways to be.

What I forgot in the whole scheme of things was myself. All of this "spiritual work?" I am finding some of it unnecessary. These "teachers," many are young like us, have been misguiding people and my heart hurts that I trusted them. I am angry, for being tricked, but also for giving up my purity and creativity to do "soul work" exclusively, because of promises of "new earth," just on the horizon... That season is something we create, it will not be given to us. But now that it is clear to me, I'm going my own way, back onto my heart path of creating art, books, music, & gardens and not exclusively regurgitating things I've heard to "pass on." I would like to make videos again to share my experiences, and I feel like I have a lot of stories to tell with what's been happening with me recently. But for the most part, I'll leave my legacy in art and creation, thank you...

Since removing social media from my life, I've been going through a mental purging (though I keep FB to keep in touch with community events.) It feels so good to let all of the shit go that was constantly in front of my eyes everyday. I yearned for the days of old, when I was a child without all of this unnecessary information, politics, social media, ads, things telling me that I'm bad in every way. A child plays in the forests, in the streets, and doesn't give a damn about any of that shit. I always remember telling my dad that I didn't care about any politics, or world events, because they aren't even real. Many of them are orchestrated to harvest our emotions. Earth loves me, I love Earth, I'm a steward, and I will enjoy my time here. Fuck what anyone says about how I live my life.

Know there is nothing wrong with you. You aren't "filled with shadows that need healing." I know I've talked about it before, and sure there were parts of myself that needed loving. Love them and leave it at that. Continuously going into the past and revisiting traumas isn't helping anyone, especially YOU. Wearing your traumas on like an outer coat is no good either, traumas are NOT our identities! Since karma and polarity aren't 5D New Earth concepts, we no longer need to keep living in them. Karma is a thought pattern that creates opportunity for a rebound to our actions. Remember, our thoughts create our reality. Use them for the highest good of you and for the all, and that is the best you can do. It's time to let these old things go. To move on. To begin creating the happiest versions of our lives here and now. Following our hearts and not what others tell us to do. NOT EVEN "AUTHORITIES!!" Authorities are only authorities because we label them as such and they feed off of the energy we give them. "Captain, it's time to disengage..." we cannot follow these people anymore no matter who they are. All it takes is to stop, and to shift your energy elsewhere. Evolve when necessary, enjoy the present moment.

I suppose I have one last thing, and that's this whole movement around conscious uncoupling. What the fuck is going on, people? Why are these people online guiding others to leave their partners in search of individuality and self love?? You can have individuality & self love in a long term relationship, in a marriage!! If you desire that for yourself, then do it. Being empathetic, I've found it so confusing to watch people I *used to* look up to and trusted who practiced this trend, when I choose to be in a long term relationship because I love the experience of it. It turned into a psychological problem for me, always questioning myself and my decision, questioning my love and devotion to my partner not because I didn't love him, no. I love my partner dearly and we create such wonderful & fulfilling experiences in life together. BUT - Because I thought I was doing something wrong by being with him and seeing this misleading trend going around. After clearing the confusion in myself, I can see that I AM loved, not only by him, but by my family, community members, and myself more and more.

Life in the physical beats life online. I whole heartedly encourage you to seek out the friendships and relationships you want in your physical world. In your community. You'd be surprised how many of you are much closer than you think you are, Starseeds, Lightworkers, Elementals... This is literally your time to shine and to get out of the closets to live in harmony with each other. We need each other in the physical, we need community and friendships to help us thrive here. I made a mistake last year of putting all of my social energy online only and ended up in a toxic situation with a person who I let lead me astray off my path and into darkness. Energy vampired. I was having such difficulty in my day to day life and had to see a professional recently for hypnosis to bring my life force back and to clear confusion. I have never felt more empty and lifeless in my life before seeing her, I was scared for myself because it is very rare for me to completely lose all creative flow and desire for life. But I learned a valuable lesson - never again will I give up my dreams for someone I DON'T EVEN KNOW, and I will never hand over my trust to people I meet on the internet. There's no way to know if they are genuine, authentic, real, and for our highest good, even if "things feel right" or "they are being truthful." Please.

Something I've been practicing lately that I encourage you to try for yourself is turning off your wi-fi in your home and keeping your phone on airplane mode. Austin and I have been actively doing this for a few weeks. We unplug the wi-fi router and put our phones on airplane mode, in a different part of the house when we sleep. I've been reading Bringers of the Dawn by Barbara Marciniak that speaks about the frequency barriers set around the planet that are meant to keep us in a lower vibration to where we cannot see what is going on. I don't know too many "exact details" about this, but if it is something you're interested in knowing about then do your own research about the harmful effects of man made frequencies.

I'm surprised by how much clearer my mind is and how my life has simmered down quite a bit. I lived off grid two times both without wifi running in the house. The first time was in a cabin on the Oregon Coast where I wrote pages & pages everyday that helped me heal my past. The second time was while living in an old RV on an organic farm. I felt so peaceful inside, so open hearted and had such inspiration for writing poetry and making art. I'm working on a book right now and many of the poems I'm adding in are from that time, being completely immersed in nature and without wifi connection. The poetry is so fun and vibrant, I just love the person I was during that time! The outside world wasn't in my world. I was free from everything and free to be me. It was balanced. We can have both technology & none, be balanced.

The frequencies that come from our technology can make us feel frantic, anxious, fearful, and chaotic. They are highly addictive. Have you ever been doing something and then all of a sudden get an uncontrollable urge to pick up your phone and to visit a social app? I have. (So I deleted them all.) I don't have that urge when the signals are turned off. Keeping these frequencies to a minimum allows us to be in touch with our inner selves, higher selves, and hearts. Since I'm feeling so much better, I've gotten back on my path to creating and finding peace, presence, and joy in every moment. It is so relieving to wake up in the mornings and to feel self-validated in the way I want to spend them, doing simple yoga, writing down my desires, making breakfast and spending time with Austin & Sparky. A few days this week, I forgot to bring my phone with me into town because I just don't think about it much anymore. Today I didn't look at it until just an hour ago, and there was nothing to even look at. My passion for life and purpose is in the here and now, and since I have a body on this planet, I will do my best to spend most of my time with her, in her, doing amazing things.

The last few blog posts I've written have had sort of an uneasy vibe to them as I was processing my emotions and all of this transformation going on, processing the mental purging. My intention is to come back here and be a light for you. I share my experiences, what I know, my emotional processes, and my stories with the intentions to inspire you and to let you know you're not alone here on this planet. I am no teacher, I am no expert on anything really except my own self and what works best for me in my life. I find joy in telling my stories, and most of the time I learn some lessons, pretty gnarly ones sometimes! It is important for me and my mission on this planet to tell my stories, I do it for me, I record my personal history here for me and for my future ancestors. I am a human just like you. I encourage you to be your own teacher and to ALWAYS carry your discernment & intuition with you in every aspect of your life. You are always your best teacher.

I don't want you to follow me or follow my lifestyle, I want you to follow YOUR heart and create your best lifestyle. My path here is so different from yours, though we all have a duty and responsibility for ourselves and creating our best lives. There's no more excuses. No more blame. No more victimhood. If the mainstream is spewing shit to you you don't like, just turn it off and ignore it. It's not your path, and it isn't your duty to inform others and create polarity. Our best lives don't need to be extravagant, they need to be in alignment with our heartfelt desires and needs. Focus on what you do want in your life, focus on the positive. KNOW you will always receive what you ask for if you stay on that path of believing it to be so.

Sure, shit happens. Deal with it in the moment, don't dwell on it. 5D Earth still has challenges and paths and goals because that's what being a human on this planet is all about. EVOLUTION. Don't be misled by deceivers on social media, especially those who sell spiritual wisdom, their "perfect lifestyles," and "mysteries" to you, because they too are using marketing to reel you in like the trackers and ads that follow you around on the internet & social media. Information and wisdom are freely accessible to those who ask for it, and can be accessed within your multidimensional body because you too have the answers inside you. And books are great too. I mean... they usually are more informative than things you view/see on the internet.

May you go about your lives in peace and harmony, and if something comes up, you'll be all good G. Trust yourself, trust your heart, and always know you're on the path of the divine, because you are divine.

Much love,

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