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An Urgent Message

Hello, dear friend

a message to you, I send

an invitation, perhaps

an open chance

Forces upon us

are creating confusion

A message I must

relay to you in trust

False light is littered

all over the ithers

eating precious souls

greedy, for gold

protect your-self

you are full of wealth

go within for wisdom

read books with the seasons

these people online

who claim to guide

are not of the light

are they "real" in your sight?

sources of media

mainstream, or social

are the culprits of mania.

in the physical? a "no show"

a frequency band is set out around us

to keep us from our higher selves

a barrier we cannot see

a barrier that cannot be felt

we can exist beyond the barrier

with our inner awareness

if we, ourselves, can sense

what life's really about - forget the rest

the barrier can also be turned off

all it takes is the frequency being unplugged

turn off your wifi, cell signal when not in use

and see how you feel, in time, no excuse!

my invitation to you

turn the screens off, go green

meet with your families

use your eyes to see

don't "follow" anyone

follow your heart

influencers of social media

are paid off from the start

the elders in your community

understand true unity

authentic identities

can't be bought by companies

bind with ones your love

embrace them with a hug

seek long term satisfaction

friends, lovers, to share passion

conscious uncoupling?

what happened to loyalty?



feeling divinity?

Surely, it takes time

you can't rush the divine.

commitment, companionship

are human requirements

part of our design

Clear your mind

of the chaos online

nature's fully open

a classroom, to soak in

all the wisdom you need

is within you, my dear

ask your questions in silence

answers come in clear

until the ether becomes clear

from deception and fear

keep off it, be open

to the real world, it's clear

these words I rhyme you

come from my heart

I've been clean for awhile

from intoxicating "art"

my wish for you

is to be sovereign and true