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If you're looking for a blog that's all about alternative lifestyles, adventure and nature, look no further! My name is Ashley, and my blog is dedicated to providing people with the information & inspiration they need to fully embrace the beauty of nature, themselves, and their dreams. Whether you're looking to explore new hiking trails, learn about alternative lifestyles, or to embrace a spiritual connection with nature, my blog has something for you. Read more about me here!

A Walk in A Wintry Jungle

Hey lovely people!

A few weeks ago, Austin and I took a trek to the city during the polar vortex to visit the botanical gardens. Going from -10F to 85F and humid felt so refreshing and necessary to my soul. Winter usually isn't my favorite season, but choosing to do nourishing activities like this make it so much better! It just so happened that all of the orchids in the gardens were in bloom too :)

I included some clips in my latest vlog, and this is the photo gallery to accompany it. I hope you enjoy the walk through the jungle!

May you have a beautiful, love filled day!

~ Ashley

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