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a morning in may *poem*

❃ a morning in may poem ❃

a crimson dew drop lifts over the horizon

everywhere, blotches of color go a'flyin

a symphony of sounds echo the valley

the summer birds are back, impossible to tally

nature's bakery, a smell-ery, is open

scents are all free! no need for a token

the pillowy scent of wild plum so sweet

a comfort transmuted to coolness for the afternoon heat

apply blossoms, growing in groups of five

share stories with me of their land in another time

how things change yet still remain the same

is that paradox that can take away pain

the understory boasts greens of all the glory

little leaves about to tell their story

of all the time that's passed, all the things they've seen

are all stored in their colors so green

we can know anything, all we need to do is ask

the whole process is such a simple task

close your eyes, and focus your intent on

that which you seek, in a mind so calm

the answers flow in like a calming breeze

in your mind's eye, where all can be seen

imagination is our greatest superpower

a magician's task, one accessed at any hour

we all have this power, do you see?

we are all creators of enchanted realities

a poem by ashley lynn . .

photography by @kelsie_herzogg

#starseedactivations #cosmicpoetry #may

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