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A Call to Starseeds and Lightworkers, New Book Released for a New World

Find Me in the Forest - A New Book from Adventures Across

Howdy friends! I'm so excited to share with you that I have a new book out! It took me five years to write, compile, create a book, design a cover, format, edit, and self publish this new book, and it couldn't happen at a better time.

Below you can read the press release for the book and see some sneak peaks of the inside! I'm so excited to share this gift from my heart with you, as it has been a success to finish a project out of complete love and alignment. I don't think I had one stressful moment while going through this book process, which is a major evolution success for me!

So… the story about the cover. This book was originally called Poetry for Humanity, so the cover is inspired by our humanness and the things that make us up. Nature, consciousness, and self. I took the photo of the cover idea and it evolved into this cover which is a digital rendition of the photo. The spot I’m in is where it all began!


A Call to Starseeds and Lightworkers, New Book Released for a New World

Ashley Lynn, author of five books and a slew of spiritual knowledge, publishes her fifth book Find Me in the Forest, a poetical journey for Starseeds and spiritual people to plant seeds for a new paradigm.

July 3, 2022 Wisconsin, USA

It’s no surprise that the current paradigm is falling to pieces. With an old system falling apart, we need grassroots gardeners to plant seeds for a regenerative future. This new poetry book is filled finely with poems & ponderings to help plant those seeds for a more peaceful future by considering nature, consciousness, and our-self. The author takes you on an exploratory walk through nature and paints a picture of what is really going on here on Planet Earth.

Starseeds and lightworkers are waking up everywhere, everyday. This book is for them, to help them through their awakening in an artistic & symbolic way, to validate their experiences in the non-physical, to bring insight on the Law of Attraction & creating their best lives, and to be strong leaders in the changing years ahead of us.” ~ Ashley Lynn

I am a spiritual poet, writer, and artist sharing the non-physical worlds all around us. I identify as a starseed and lightworker, meaning I remember my lifetimes on other planets, my soul isn’t from this planet. My mission is to help others awakening to their cosmic nature come into their truths, to stand strong in their sovereignty and to create their versions of paradise on Earth. Personally in my own life, I’ve become a master of the Law of Attraction and love being a positive mirror for others to see this power within themselves. I share my personal stories being a starseed like my other lifetimes, what other planets look like, spirituality, the divine feminine, experiences being a spiritual nomad, and the importance of sacred sites. A more personal mission is to awaken the sleeping spiritual sites littered all over the planet, especially the ones in our backyards to bring in more comic love-light into Earth.

In this poetry book you will find:

  • 150 poems in sections, NATURE - CONSCIOUSNESS - SELF

  • Simple illustrations of Ashley’s nomadic photos

  • Nature poetry, spiritual poetry, romantic poetry, cosmic poetry, emotional poetry

  • Spiritual & insights for life on Planet Earth

  • Hints through words of unseen worlds around us

  • Heart-to-heart poems that are validating, inspiring, and relatable to awakening people on Earth

Contact Details:

Ashley Lynn

Telegram: @adventuresacross

Buy the new book today on Amazon or get a signed copy from Ashley from her website (coming soon!).


Adventures Across Website:

Here's a photo gallery of the new book :)

Stay tuned: I'll be sharing more about the book soon, like the inspiration I received for it and the process of making this book!

Feel free to share the press release or this blog post to spread the word about this new book! It's so fun to get momentum going on creating New Earth - it is very much a grassroots movement by normal humans like you and me :)

Much love friends,