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When I was in eighth grade, my grandma gave me a camera for my birthday. Shortly after, I took a cross country trip with my class to Washington D.C. and found my love for photography. In the next twelve years, I traveled to many other countries and states within the US and have captured thousands of photos.


My love for photography is especially with filming and capturing nature in Her vibrant essence. My photos are the calls from nature shouting "I'm alive!" I focus on the vibrant colors in every season, bringing them out dramatically. These photos are what my eyes see when I go out hiking in prairies, forests, mountains, where ever I may be. Each plant, flower I capture has an essence, a personality. Because in reality, everything is living, and everything has a spirit. Everything has a personality.

Enjoy my favorite photos over the years below.

To request photography prints, visit the Art Prints listing on my webshop!

For local inquiries about purchasing prints and rights for my photos, please email

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