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Videos & Vlogs

In 2017 after returning back home to Wisconsin from living off-grid for eight months in a tiny house on the Oregon Coast, I decided it was time to start a video channel to share my journey with nomad life. We didn't document any of that life on video (though I share so much of this year in my book A Year Against the Rain), and I regretted that a bit!


Since the beginning of the Adventures Across video channel, we traveled across the country many times and visited other countries across the seas. Nomad life meant living in places for either a very short time, or as long as a year and a half. Where ever we were, where ever we went, it was documented and shared on this channel.

There are hundreds of videos at Adventures Across. I had fun making every single one of them. The channel has changed as the years went on, and it continues to change. Though we plan to travel, we are putting roots down to start a homestead. Topics on the channel are a broad range: 

  • vlogs of living in a cabin 

  • permaculture, foraging, and gardening how-to's

  • travel vlogs

  • inspiring nature videos

  • spirituality

  • and so much more!

  When you visit the channel be sure to say hi and leave a comment under the videos you watch! 

   I started my channel on YouTube, and integrated another platform into my video portfolio called Odysee.

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