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Postcard Subscription

Postcard Subscription Order Form

Thank you for subscribing! Expect an email from me soon :)

Snail mail has always been something exciting to me. What a concept, to receive something beautiful in the mail! In an effort to beautify and cleanse the mail-ways, I decided to make my photography and art available in postcard form.

The Postcard Subscription mails once a month, mailed within the first week, and features a piece of uplifting art or nature photography on the front. On the back will be the message of the month, whether it is a fun fact about nature, metaphysics, the Universe, or just an uplifting quote. The written side is decorated with stamps and mailed straight from me to you. I print postcards on archival fine art papers, so they double as fine-art prints too!

Postcard Subscriptions:

$10mo/$100yr domestic (US)

$12/$120yr international

To sign up for the postcard subscription, please fill out the form and request so! To pay for the subscription, you can either pay once a month (payments due by the 20th of the month to get the next month's postcard) or pay for a year in advance. Once I receive your contact form, I will send you an invoice and ways you can pay.


Below are previous months postcards you can browse through to see what you're getting yourself into :)

Previous Postcards

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