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Life With Stella
Our Camper Home

Our goals while living in Wisconsin were to buy a home but once the time came, we realized that wasn't the right path for us. So... we shopped around for alternative options once again and found this beautiful camper we named Stella to call our home.

After the working season, we plan to drive south for the winter to explore more of the Southwest. Our goals are to have as much fun as possible while also finishing creative projects to release to the world. We are also huge Indy Pass advocates and would like to snowboard at as many resorts as we can!

The route as of now will be to drive west to Oregon to revisit "home" from 2016, then down through California to Sedona to visit with friends, and then drive to the Southeast into uncharted territory. We may or may not complete the loop by going up the East Coast to upstate New York to visit more friends.

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