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I have a limited supply of signed copies, however, you can find my books on Amazon by clicking on the picture of the one you want below!



Walk through the forest with me on a whimsical, poetical journey through nature, consciousness, and self.


Whilst meandering across the country as a nomad looking for pieces of her soul, poet Ashley Lynn wrote her feelings, discoveries, and ponderings on paper for future use. These poems helped her through self-discovery and making sense of being a cosmic soul in a human body, while also experiencing what beauty and solace Mother Nature provides for her children. Find Me in the Forest paints a colorful canvas from a spiritual & open minded view of nature, consciousness and existence.


What does a broke college graduate do after four years of pursuing a degree that drained her soul? She flees with her lover and becomes a nomad. Ashley and Austin left Wisconsin to start a new life somewhere else, somewhere more exciting than Wisconsin. They journeyed into the unknown with only their necessary belongings and traveled 40,000 miles in one year, lived on the go, survived eight months in a rustic off-grid cabin on the Oregon Coast, lived luxury in an ocean-side mansion, along with other adventures. Something wild happened almost every month, causing laughter, tears, excitement and fears during the days filled with rain – A Year Against the Rain. 


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I love promoting the freeing act of being outdoors as much as possible, as well as exploring the "unseen" world on Earth through consciousness and seeing things at a deeper level. This is how I spend most of my time, so I decided to take Morning Motivations a step further and to create an immersive journaling experience with this new book, The Adventures Across Guided Journal. In this hardcover book, you will find:

  • Over 100 full color photos of places I've journeyed to: the wetlands of Wisconsin, rainforests of Oregon, deserts of Arizona, and most recently, the enchanted island of Ireland.

  • Uplifting poetry to help you out of a slump, or to encourage you to take some steps towards your dreams!

  • Over 25 journaling prompts with space for you to write inside the journal

  • Drawing/doodling prompts for you to express yourself through art around the different poems inside

  • Four pages of photography prompts, one for each season, for you to capture the different emotions and essences that come along with the changing weather

  • Personal journal entries and ponderings from my travels around the world

Morning Motivations

      Morning motivations
is a personal dedication
to follow your dreams wholeheartedly
A book of poetry
and nature photography
to begin your day so gracefully
If in a day you're feeling down
or like your head is in the ground
open this book to your soul
Begin to feel inspired
manifest for you what is desired
let go and embrace your creative flow'


   Join Ashley on a walk through nature and discover life's spiritual mysteries the trees, bees, flowers, insects, rivers, rocks, plants and streams have to share! Find your motivation and inspiration for life to pursue your wildest dreams. This poetry and nature photography book will light up your fire and inspire the greatness you hold within you.


 Interested in purchasing a copy? Just click here!

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